Tuesday, June 17, 2008

reggie mcneal keeps it simply profound

Set aside 45 minutes sometime soon to hear a good 'ol boy call out the church to be what it's supposed to be.



Sharon G said...

Two words:
Brilliant & Repeat

Rebecca said...

loved this, Rob

jmsteele said...

"are you kidding me?"

Loved it and will share it! Thanks

Jon Hall said...

Five months ago you posted this, and I only just now watched it. Well, I more listened as I worked this afternoon. But dang, did he throw some DOOZIES out there!

I loved his Atlanta airport metaphor. The church isn't a destination, it's a connector. As soon as the church starts thinking its the destination, game over. "We're connectors, we're not the show!" Brilliant.

"Missional people look at church as a verb, not a noun." Spot on.

Rob Yackley said...

Those were probably my 2 favorite sentences too!