Wednesday, March 30, 2011

unusual words

In parts of the world today there is a quiet but expanding movement--often referred to as the "insider movement"--of Muslims who are becoming followers of Jesus but who choose to remain Muslim. No doubt it's a tricky path to walk and there are certainly people who simply don't think it's even possible, or that it's inherently contradictory to be a Muslim follower of Jesus. But still it's happening; there are a growing number of people all over the world who are finding ways of following Jesus with their whole heart without shedding all of their religious and culture heritage. It's a fascinating and beautiful thing to watch...something we've been privileged to watch up close and personal over the last few months.

A young Iranian doctor has been part of our community since last summer as he completes a fellowship at a local medical university. He has had several moving, personal experiences with Jesus through prayer and worship that have gripped his heart. It's almost like Jesus has sought him out even more than he has sought out Jesus. And now he simply can't shake him; nor does he want to.

The other day he told one of my teammates, a teammate who has been intentionally discipling him in the ways of Jesus, that he feels very safe at our house and that he feels the presence of God here. He went on to say that this is a holy place and that when he is here, it feels like he is walking into a Mosque.

I know to many ears that might sound strange. But to ours, it has a sweet sound. It sounds like God may be close.

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Anonymous said...

Wherever Jesus set his feet, the presence of God and His kingdom was felt. Rather than himself being ceremonially defiled by a prostitute touching his feet or a diseased person touching his robe, Jesus turned the tables around and brought holiness and salvation to those who sought him. This precious Iranian man is feeling nothing other than the presence of God and His kingdom in your house. The only word he has for a holy setting such as that is "mosque." May many more find your home to be such a place and may many find cleansing and new life in the Lord there. Bless you. Jay